Know Everything About a Property Before You Buy or Sell

Get a pre-listing or pre-purchase home inspection in Meridian, Nampa, ID and surrounding areas

A pre-purchase home inspection is absolutely necessary when you're investing in a property. A full assessment will give you information about potential structural issues and hazards within the home. In many cases, a seemingly minor issue can be indicative of something major. A water leak could be a sign of black mold, or a crack in an old wall could expose occupants to asbestos.

If you want to have total knowledge of a home's condition in Meridian or Nampa, ID, contact Forsythe Home Inspection today.

Benefits of a pre-listing inspection

A pre-listing inspection is a good way to prepare for a potential buyer's pre-purchase home inspection. Some benefits include:

  • An easier time accurately pricing your home
  • Avoiding surprises in your upcoming inspection
  • The ability to make repairs ahead of time


After a pre-listing inspection, you'll be aware of hidden issues that could come up later. Call us today at 208-900-8141 for an evaluation.