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A home inspector can give you a full assessment of a property. This process is helpful for buyers and sellers because it will make you aware of any improvements that need to be made. Cornerstone Home Inspection is a trusted name for inspections in Meridian and Nampa, ID. If you are a homebuyer or seller, let's work together to determine the state of your property.

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What types of homes can be inspected?

You can rely on me if you need a home inspector for many types of homes in Meridian and Nampa, ID. I can give you a full report for:

  • Single-family homes
  • Mobile homes
  • Condominiums






Whether you need a pre-purchase or pre-listing inspection, I guarantee my report will tell you everything you need to know. For any service questions, call today at 208-900-8141.


Trust me to handle your home inspection

A home inspection should be as accurate as possible. When you partner with Cornerstone Home Inspection, you're partnering with a licensed contractor with years of experience.

I'm Jonathon Forsythe, owner of Forsythe Home Inspection. I have worked in construction for most of my career, so I know everything to look for from the ground up. I am known for my thorough property evaluations and reports. If you need a home inspection, choose me for an in-depth evaluation with explanations.